Frederik Gruyaert

Did You Like My Dancing?

2008 - ongoing

Did You Like my Dancing? is an ongoing project in which I document the life of Lars Holdhus. Untill now it has mostly been focused on the medium of photography but it remains open to other forms of documentation. I see this endeavor as a life long operation that can branch of into different side works. There is no fixed concept of a final presentation  but the original intention was to publish a photo book on the life of Lars.

The book would consist of a wide variety of different photographs. Taken by different cameras, in different locations and by different photographers. Not always me but also people close to Lars at that given time. People who possibly don’t have a formal training in photography as well.

How do all these different looks reflect back on one person? Can an endless variety of photographs reveal anything about a person or does it serve the construction of a mythical identity? Can photography contain any content in this respect or does it function more as an aesthetic experience? How much is a certain look of a photograph achieved by the virtue and genius of the photographer as opposed to him or her following and applying a fixed set of formal rules or by simple chance?

An impression of some of the photos taken untill now:


One of the branched of side works that has sprung out of this project is a documentary that I made about a journey that I took with Lars in 2008 to his home country Norway.This documentary was part of a presentation at the Rietveld Academy in 2009 where a number of photographs were printed out, given to Lars for a certain period of time and then presented laying in wooden boxes as if they were archealogical remainders of his life. The image below gives an impression of this presentation. The documentary can be viewed on the top of this page.